About Us

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We Are Archagon!!!

Welcome to Archagon Cybersecurity Limited, your leading cybersecurity company in Nigeria and the ultimate source for cybersecurity products and solutions.

Founded in early 2021 by Oluwasegun Daniel, Archagon Cybersecurity Limited (RC 1761660) has come a long way from its starting point metamorphosing into a global cybersecurity company.
Starting as a small-scale cybersecurity company with a localized market, we have quickly expanded into the global markets by sticking to our 6-point mantra of innovation, quality, consistency, customer-centred, resilience, and affordability.

Based on our 6-point mantra, Archagon has so far offered innovative and affordable high-quality products that have consistently scored high in QA and safety tests; hence, winning the confidence of its customers.

With a solid pedigree in product quality and satisfaction, we are well on track to winning global cybersecurity awards besides being the best cybersecurity company in Nigeria.
Coupled with other innovative Archagon Cybersecurity products, we will continue to blaze the trail as a top African cybersecurity company and a global leader in developing innovative, robust, safe and affordable cybersecurity products for the African market and the world at large.


As an African cybersecurity company, we are committed to developing leading cybersecurity products and solutions to revolutionize cybersecurity in Nigeria and worldwide.


To be the best cybersecurity company in Nigeria and Africa and a major player in the cybersecurity industry, leading in new innovations in cybersecurity products and solutions.

Our Objectives

One of our objectives is to deliver quality products consistent in meeting the highest cybersecurity standards to ensure that affordability meets a high standard of satisfaction.
We also include affordability in our mantra; hence, you do not need to break a bank vault to afford our products. For every Archagon cybersecurity product you buy, you get the best bang per dollar spent on quality products tailored to meet your needs.

The Process

Achieving our lofty objectives without getting a response from you as our customers wouldn't be possible. Hence, we value every response and feedback we get from our customers.
Your response goes a long way in helping us develop products consistent with high-quality standards.

Our Founder

Our Founder, Oluwasegun Daniel has years of long-standing experience as a top-level cybersecurity expert rendering cybersecurity services and advice to high-level government officials and industry leaders. 

In his many years of service as a cybersecurity consultant, he has travelled the world, worked with top level cybersecurity companies, and also played significant roles in developing innovative cybersecurity products.

Armed with multiverse cybersecurity knowledge and experience in confronting novel cybersecurity issues, He has infused his acquired knowledge and expertise into establishing a cybersecurity company in Nigeria, producing proactive Archagon cybersecurity products powered by advanced AI and Machine Learning.

In propelling Archagon to the number one cybersecurity company in Nigeria, we have onboard a team of experts and professionals who have acquired years of invaluable experience in various cybersecurity fields.

Some of our team members are commercial strategists who have developed world-famous strategies in marketing and operations and have helped companies worldwide set up fool-proof cybersecurity strategies that meet up with trending cybersecurity needs faced by the companies.

A key member of our team has also helped in military intelligence, assisting the military in developing high-stealth technologies. Joining our team, he has applied his knowledge in developing intelligent cybersecurity products to counter malware built to evade detection.

Other members of our team are people who are well-versed in business development, sales, marketing, and customer relations. We are open to expanding our team to include highly committed professionals with years of experience in the IT industry.